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Green Sheet Issue #2

Our second Green Sheet issue dives into the 2019 NFL schedule with nearly 3,000 words of analysis plus schedule numbers and rankings in seven categories for all 32 NFL teams.

Find out great nuggets from the schedule analysis: One team has a 30-44 S/U since 2000 scenario on the schedule and that squad is likely to be a favorite in that game. Three teams fall into a win total valuation situation that is 4-1 the past two years including pegging major collapses from the Jaguars and 49ers last season – teams that fell short of the summer win total numbers by 4.5 games! There is one team that fits a scheduling role that has produced teams combining to go 56-39-1 the past two years. Another simple schedule formula has produced the ‘over’ in five of six win totals the past two seasons and four squads apply in 2019. Find out those teams and more in Green Sheet Issue #2.

This is just a four-page issue and as such is only $6 instead of the regular $12 price – sign up right here!

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2019-20 Green Sheet #1

We have released a short off-season issue of the Green Sheet that includes the 2019 NFL Schedule Grid plus a coaching reference sheet to hang on to for the upcoming NFL season.

If you are not already signed up for the Green Sheet now is a great time to get on board as we plan to have several more off-season issues before the weekly subscription begins in late July.

Check out the first issue here – and save $10 on the full season subscription if you sign-up by May 10 using the COUPON CODE: MAY10

A $150 savings on the Nelly’s Full Season Phone Service for the 2019-20 football season expires on May 1 and a $100 discount will expire on June 1 – the phone service includes the full Green Sheet subscription as well.

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Eliminator Contest Standings

The Big E Sports Ticket had a close call last week but with a push he remains with ZERO points four weeks into the contest, leading the way at 7-0-1.

Don’t miss his next Eliminator Picks on Thursday afternoon or consider his service plays with his TOP 5 TICKET and his full weekend package released for an early start on this week’s action. Big E has won four consecutive 20* picks the past four Saturday and this week’s Conference Game of the Year will be in the MAC.

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Close behind in the contest is long-time participant Billy Coleman at 7-1 with only two points, taking his first loss last week with a NFL total. Tied in second place is James Patrick Sports, the 2016 contest champion also with just two points. Eight contestants are still with four or fewer points and moving up to fourth place this week is BB Documented Plays, a new entrant this season that is making some noise with a 4-0 Double Play record.

The Week 5 Contest Picks will be posted Thursday afternoon – check here for the COMPLETE STANDINGS.

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Eliminator Contest Update

The Eliminator Contest is off to a sizzling starts with Double Plays going 10-7-1, 12-4-2, and 11-6-1 in three weeks of the contest for a combined tally of 33-17-4, or 66% winners!

Big E Sports Ticket and Billy Coleman are still perfect with ZERO points with 6-0 starts. Generally that would leave some breathing room on top of the standings but EIGHT additional contestants have two or fewer points as it is still a wide open field.

The next picks will be posted Thursday afternoon, October 4, check out the CURRENT STANDINGS.

Double Plays can be purchased for $9 each week or for $50 for the duration of the contest, which at this pace is likely to go well into November if not December. The Double Plays are also included as part of the Nelly’s Phone Service subscription.

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1-Page Stats Sep. 27-30

Check out the box scores from last weekend’s football action in one convenient page – this content in one of eight jam-packed pages of our the weekly Green Sheet football newsletter, released every Monday afternoon.


Sign up for the Green Sheet for just $12 each week or $149 for the entire season subscription. Our Rating 5 Keys are 4-0 the past two weeks with Northwestern’s near-upset last week and a blowout from the Patriots in our top picks from last week.

Issue #14 of the Green Sheet will be posted Monday, October 1

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1 Page Football Stats Sep. 20-23

Check out all the football box scores from last week in college and pro football in this handy one-page reference sheet taken from the Green Sheet newsletter. Get a jump start on your handicapping with our 1 Page Stats!

1 Page Stats from Sep. 20-23

Don’t miss this week’s issue of the Green Sheet newsletter to be released Monday afternoon, Sep. 24 looking at all the Week 5 college football games and the Week 4 NFL games. Both of our Rating 5 Keys won last week with outright upsets on Texas Tech Saturday and the New Orleans Saints Sunday!


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Green Sheet NFL Week 17 Update

With Christmas on a Monday this year we opted to send out Green Sheet issue #24 covering the final 14 bowl games and NFL Week 17 out on Friday, December 22, before any of the week 16 NFL results. We have since posted an amendment to that issue with our Key Selections in the NFL this week, now knowing those results and with active lines.

NFL Week 17 has some unusual lines and circumstances with few meaningful games but we have posted our Key Selections and predictions as we would normally do in the weekly newsletter.

Click Here to view the Issue #24 NFL Update

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