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A successful Eliminator Contest featured great carnage in Week 10 with seven of nine contestants bounced from the contest!

2011 Eliminator Champion Weekly Wizard was the only handicapper to win his DOUBLE PLAY last week and he leads the contest with 7 points. BB Documented Plays is still in the running with 9 points looking to sweep this week to take the title in his first season participating in the contest!

Check out the current standings and this week’s SINGLE PLAYS! 

You can purchase the DOUBLE PLAYS for just $9 in what could be the final week of the contest. The Double Plays have collectively gone 80-63-5 this contest season for great results! All the contest picks are in the NFL this week for Sunday, Nov. 25.

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Eliminator Contest Week 10

Don’t miss the Eliminator Contest Picks in Week 10.

The contest is down to the final nine with BB Documented Plays leading at 6 points in his first year in the contest. 2011 champion Weekly Wizard is close behind with 7 points.

Every other contestant is on the edge of elimination with 7 to 9 points as the very best picks will be put forward this week.

Double Play selections can be purchased for just $9 for all nine picks, just $1 each! Those Double Play Picks have gone 79-55-5 this contest season collectively with a winning record in 7 of 9 weeks.

Check out the standings and the Week 9 Single Plays for games Nov. 17-19.

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Eliminator Contest Standings

The Big E Sports Ticket had a close call last week but with a push he remains with ZERO points four weeks into the contest, leading the way at 7-0-1.

Don’t miss his next Eliminator Picks on Thursday afternoon or consider his service plays with his TOP 5 TICKET and his full weekend package released for an early start on this week’s action. Big E has won four consecutive 20* picks the past four Saturday and this week’s Conference Game of the Year will be in the MAC.

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Close behind in the contest is long-time participant Billy Coleman at 7-1 with only two points, taking his first loss last week with a NFL total. Tied in second place is James Patrick Sports, the 2016 contest champion also with just two points. Eight contestants are still with four or fewer points and moving up to fourth place this week is BB Documented Plays, a new entrant this season that is making some noise with a 4-0 Double Play record.

The Week 5 Contest Picks will be posted Thursday afternoon – check here for the COMPLETE STANDINGS.

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Eliminator Contest Update

The contest is heating up with single plays collectively going 10-7 and Double Plays going 11-5-1!

Scott Rickenbach still leads the contest with a 7-1 record and just 1 point but Big E, Fairway Jay, Maximum Sports, and Victor King are all close behind with just 3 points.

Fairway Jay, ASA, Steve Merril, Bobby Dalton, Marc Lawrence, and Rocketman all went 2-0 last week in Week 4 of the contest!

Don’t miss this week’s picks – check out the WEEK 5 SINGLE PLAYS or get the Doubles for just $9!

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