*Nelly’s Phone Service October Package

$299.00 $139.00


Nelly’s had a huge 2020-21 football season finishing at 60.0% in the NFL and 62.5% in NCAA selections.

We hope to match that success in 2021-22 and our service has profited in September in 11 of the past 16 seasons, including going 13-6 in the abbreviated September 2020 schedule. Our combined record is 273-219 in September picks since 2005.

We’ve turned in a slight profit in September 2021 and are plus in both college and pro football through Oct. 14 – including a 2-0 record on top plays and a 60% record in the NFL, with an 11-6 overall record so far in October!

Get all phone service updates through Oct. 31 for just $169 in this incredible offer. Updates will be sent via email and/or text message with the main weekend updates Friday afternoon each week.