*Nelly’s Complete Basketball Package to NBA FINALS



While we are known for our football service and newsletter, our basketball service has been our most profitable service the past three+ seasons with huge results in both college and pro basketball selections, picking up over 100* the past three seasons including the records below.

The 2020-21 season has been on a similar pace with great returns in January and February, closing the regular season in college basketball at nearly a 62% rate. We’ll be the first to admit we have a disappointing NCAA Tournament but it will still go down as an excellent college season, our fourth in a row.

As of May 2 we’ve hit nearly 64% in our rated NBA picks in the 2020-21 season, looking for a fourth straight regular season over 63% in pro basketball. We’re on a current 9-2 run as of May 2. Join us now for the rest of the NBA regular season and the complete NBA Playoffs (scheduled to finish in July) at a greatly reduced price. 

2017-18 College Basketball 85-53, 61.6% +30.4*

2018-19 College Basketball 82-60, 57.8% +19.9*

2019-20 College Basketball 72-60, 54.5%, +5.8*

2017-18 NBA Regular Season 41-24, 63.1% +14.6*

2018-19 NBA Regular Season 39-20, 66.1% +17.0*

2019-20 NBA Regular Season 41-24, 63.1%, +14.6*

2020-21 College Basketball Regular Season 63-39, 61.7%, +17.8*

2020-21 NBA Regular Season through May 2 30-17, 63.8%, +11.3*