Nelly’s Complete Basketball Season Package



While we are known for our football service and newsletter, our basketball service has been our most profitable service the past three seasons with huge results in both college and pro basketball selections, picking up over 100* the past three seasons including the records below:

We plan to officially start in early-to-mid December (projecting ~Dec. 7-9) with daily updates thereafter. NBA action is expected to start in late December as well riding three consecutive regular seasons at over 63% while college basketball could extend to May Madness under some proposals.

Our NCAA Tournament Record the past three seasons is 34-18, for 65.4% just in the Big Dance, including 13-6 in the Round of 64.

2017-18 College Basketball 85-53, 61.6% +30.4*

2017-18 NBA Regular Season 41-24, 63.1% +14.6*

2018-19 College Basketball 82-60, 57.8% +19.9*

2018-19 NBA Regular Season 39-20, 66.1% +17.0*

2019-20 College Basketball 72-60, 54.5%, +5.8*

2019-20 NBA Regular Season 41-24, 63.1%, +14.6*