Nelly’s Basketball NCAA Championship Package

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Nelly’s is coming off back-to-back amazing seasons in basketball – we have started strong the past two years going 62-34, +24.6* in November & December the past two seasons. The past two seasons in college basketball we are a combined 167-113, +50.3* while the past two NBA regular seasons we are 80-44, +31.6*. Last season we had separate 11-game and 14-game winning streaks in the NBA and we have a 15-7 record in 2* & 3* Top Plays the past three seasons, going 5-1 last season. We have shined in March Madness with a three-year NCAA Tournament record of 34-18 including 13-6 in the Round of 64 and in March and April NCAA Picks we have a 86-55 combined record the past three years. Last season we had positive profits in 12 of 17 regular NCAA weeks and 15 of 22 of full-schedule NBA weeks.

This offer gets you daily updates through the NCAA Championship April 6.

NOVEMBER 18-11, +5.9 DECEMBER 26-14, +10.6*, Join us for the rest of college season through April 6!