Nelly’s Basketball NBA Playoff Package



Nelly’s is coming off back-to-back amazing seasons in basketball and we were well on our way to another highly profitable season in 2019-20 before the schedule came to a halt on March 12. We do expect that the NBA playoffs will return this summer in some fashion and we’ll look to build on a 63% regular season so far in the NBA (including a current 10-2 run) with more gains in the postseason.

This offer gets you all updates through the NBA Finals for the duration of the resumption of the NBA season and the playoffs – however that format looks. 

Nelly’s has been profitable in every full month this season (NOVEMBER 18-11, +5.9 DECEMBER 26-14, +10.6*, JANUARY 25-22, +1.8*, FEBRUARY 28-20, +4.9*). Our basketball service is + more than 100* since the start of the 2017-18 season!

We’re offering this package for just a $100.00 flat fee not knowing what the playoffs will look like at this point – if the NBA season does not resume, you’ll be given a $150.00 service credit that you can use towards football or any other order or subscription in the future.