Nelly’s Basketball March Madness Subscription

$699.00 $499.00


Nelly’s has turned in a solid start to the college basketball season and we are already 4-1 in 2022! Join Nelly’s for the duration of the college basketball season through April 4 (NBA selections are also included during this timeframe) with our MARCH MADNESS subscription package.

Our rating system has shifted to a 1-5-7-9 scale this season – we will feature roughly 10-12 picks per week in the regular schedule weeks, with about an 80/20 college/NBA balance.

Our regular season records the past four seasons are unparalleled:

2020-21 Regular Season NCAA 63-39 61.7%, NBA 31-19 62.0%

2019-20 Regular Season NCAA 71-57 55.5%, NBA 41-24 63.0%

2018-19 Regular Season NCAA 60-44 57.7%, NBA 39-20 66.1%

2017-18 Regular Season NCAA 62-43 59.0%, NBA 41-24 63.0%

Daily updates will be sent via email and/or text message, usually around 10 AM CT on weekends and 3 PM CT on weekdays.