Nelly’s 2019-20 Football Phone Service

$795.00 $129.00


Join us now for the rest of the 2019-2020 football season! The full season phone service subscription includes all college and pro selections, all top plays, all opinions. Plus a full Green Sheet subscription ($149 value), if you already signed up for the newsletter, deduct that amount for your cost. Eliminator Contest picks are also included. We had an 80% Top Play season in 2017-18 and hold a 54-37 record in NCAA 3* picks the past 10+ seasons. We hit 62% in the 2017-18 NFL season and phone picks have hit 61% the past five years in the NFL playoffs while hitting 63% the past four college bowl seasons.

The past three years we are hitting 65% in the NFL +42.2* from Week 11 to Week 17. Our bowl track record is excellent with a 63% record the past four years in bowl picks including four straight Bowl GOY wins and a nearly 70% record the past three seasons on 2* and 3* bowl selections. Get on board for all remaining football picks for just $329 including the NFL playoffs where we have hit 61% the past five years.