Nelly’s 2019-20 Football Phone Service



Those of you playing with our basketball service have quite a bit of extra cash lying around, why not sign up for the football season now and have that taken care of already by the time the games start next fall. From December 6 to March 1 we have picked up +43.4* for our basketball clients. We just wrapped up a 35-19, nearly 65% month of March that included a 3-0 record on top plays and a 64% record in NCAA Tournament picks heading into the Final Four.

Last football season was basically a wash as we finished slightly plus in the NFL and slightly down in NCAA picks for a minimal gain on the season but we closed the season with a lot of momentum, picking up 12.9* in the NFL from November 1 on and also posting another profitable college bowl season. We weren’t able to match the huge success we had in the 2017-18 football season mainly due to a disappointing 3* top play record early in the season even though we had some big late season wins and posted a nearly 60% record on our 2* picks for the season. Join us now for 2019-2020! The full season phone service subscription includes a full Green Sheet subscription ($149 value), if you already signed up for the newsletter, deduct that amount for your cost. Our long term results in football and all sports are quite strong, we expect a big season is ahead this fall.

11-5 in Phone Service Picks through Sep. 16!