B.E.S.T. HOOPS – Full Court Full Season Package



My current run now stands at 14-8 over the last 3 weeks, highlighted by Penn’s WINNER as my 15* GOM for December last Wednesday! I look to keep the momentum going today with a 10* Biggie play for Tuesday’s college hoops action!

This week, the non-con season rolls on and I’ll have 10* plays every day as part of my weekly package for $39.94. I’ve also released my favorite offer of the year, my Bowls & B-Ball Package, which gets you every football and college hoops play through the CFB Championship on Jan 13th for $249.94. I also have a monthly package for December. Or, for the best overall value, my Full Court Full Season Package gives you EVERY 10, 15, 20, and 25* Biggie play through Championship Monday in April for just $549.94!

In football, Baylor came through as my 20* Conf Championship GOY as did the 49ers in my 15* NFL GOM! This week, I’ll be releasing my 25* NFL GOY as part of an all-NFL package for $49.94! I also have a monthly package to take you through December for $179.94. Or, for the best overall value, my Full Pads Full Season Package gives you EVERY 10, 15, 20, and 25* Biggie play PLUS EVERY edition of the Top 5 Ticket all the way through Super Bowl 54 at December’s reduced rate of just $399.94!



Highlights from the last few years include:

  • 25* plays are on a 6-4 run since 2013
  • 20* AAC GOYs are on a 4-1 run
  • 20* ACC GOYs are on a 2-0 run and are 8-5 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Big Sky GOYs are on a 5-2 run
  • 20* Horizon GOYs are 9-3 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Ivy GOYs are on a 7-3 run
  • 20* MAAC GOYs are on a 5-1 run
  • 20* OVC GOYs are on a 4-1 run
  • 20* Summit GOYs are 6-2 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Sun Belt GOYs are 7-3 ALL-TIME
  • 15* November GOMs are on a 3-0 run

Let’s take you through a typical week with the Big E. In the TV-dominated world of “all sports, all the time”, 10* Biggie can and will happen any day! Every week, the Big E will have 10* Biggie plays every day there’s a game! These plays are available individually for $9.94 and, again, these are GUARANTEED plays, so you only pay if I give you winners. Clients should ALWAYS be on the lookout for Big E’s promotional Biggies….every month, there is a 15* Game of the Month for $15.94. Games that really stand out can bring a 20* Conference GOY for $20.94. Finally, the top Regular Season and the top Post Season games of the year will spawn 25* GOY PLAYS for $49.94!

The Full Court Package starts with a 10* Biggie on November 5th and charges ahead, giving you access to EVERY college hoops selection through Championship Monday in April! This package includes:

  • EVERY Regular and Post Season 10* Biggie play
  • EVERY 15* GOM
  • EVERY 20* Conference GOY
  • 25* Regular Season GOY
  • 25* Post Season GOY

You’ve seen the results above….add them all together and this package is a MUST HAVE!!! Last year, this package included a TOTAL OF 191 plays, and at $549.94, that’s just $2.88/play, EASILY one of the best values you’ll find on the market today!!