B.E.S.T. FOOTBALL – Monthly Package (November)

$199.94 $129.94


Hello everyone and welcome to Week 12 in the NFL, Week 13 of College Football, and Week 3 of College Hoops! Today, is Friday, Nov 26 and I have a 10* CBB  and 10* CFB Biggie for today’s action!

FOOTBALL: We’re off to a 2-2 start to Thanksgiving Week and I’m continuing the celebration with the release of my Bowls & BBall Package, which gives you every FB and CBB play from now through January 10th in a single package for $299.94! My season FB mark is now an impressive 78-59/+14U on the year, and I won my EIGHTH STRAIGHT T5T last week! This week, I will have my final 20* Conference GOY from the Sun Belt along with the latest edition of the Top 5 Ticket and 10* Biggie plays all week as part of my weekly package for $59.94. Or, for the best value throughout the season, my Full Pads Full Season package will give you EVERY football play from now through the Super Bowl at November’s REDUCED price of just $449.94!

BASKETBALL: We are now 2-2 during Feast Week, moving my record to 11-7 to start the year, and 213-187/+39U since 2/28/19! This week, I’ll have 10* Biggies every day as part of my weekly package for $39.94. Or, for the best value, my Full Court Full Season package gets you EVERY CBB play from now through Championship Monday for just $549.94!

You can call the office to get information and pricing details for any of my packages at 1-800-336-3559 or go online to

Next update:

FB – 3pm on Friday with weekend plays, including 20* SB GOY

BB – 9am on Saturday with 10* Biggie

Thanks, and good luck!

BONUS: ML Dog of the Day – E. MICHIGAN (CFB)


Welcome to The Big E’s 19th YEAR as a featured handicapper here at Nelly Sports! First and foremost, I hope all of you are well and are navigating your way through this pandemic in a smart and calculated way. It is my sincere hope that I provide an outlet for positive entertainment during these unprecedented times. While we aren’t out of the woods yet, thankfully, the football season is looking a lot more normal this year than last. As with all things, I’ll do my best to adjust in the event that things go sideways. Let’s continue to get through this as a team and let’s have an EPIC season together, eh? Let’s get into it!

Last year, I moved to the industry standard +/- EV unit-based scoring system as opposed to defaulting to a -110 juice for every play. The reality of the sports wagering landscape today is both lines and juice vary from state to state and book to book, so using a flat 10% is more inaccurate than not estimating juice at all. All of that said, my “star method” hasn’t changed. I still have my traditional 10, 15, 20, and 25* Biggies and lower Top 5 Ticket values. The change comes with the addition of a common layer of value in association. To illustrate, a 10* play is 1 unit, a 15* play is 2 units, a 20* is 3 units, and a 25* play is 5 units. This system allows players to define their own units….it could be $10, $100, or $1,000, depending on their bankroll, with the juice implied. A win on a 10* play is +1, a loss would be -1, etc. This allows us all to speak a common language with a common measurement of success. As always, questions and feedback always welcome!

No matter how you measure them, the last seven years have been a tremendous run of long-term success! Since September 17, 2014, ALL football selections from the B.E.S.T. have gone 700-660, which has resulted in +108.5 units in that span! That means a $10 player is up over a dime in that span! Highlights from the last few years include:

  • All Biggies are 232-216/+60 the last 4 years
  • 25* plays have gone 16-6 L5Y and 26-11 L8Y including a 7-1 run in 25* Bowl GOYs
  • 20* Conference GOYs have had winning seasons in EIGHT of the last NINE seasons (7-4 LY) and are 64-44 since 2011
  • 20* Conference GOYs are now 91-68 ALL TIME
  • 15* NFL Games of the Month have gone 17-9 over the L7Y
  • Incredible 17-3 in Bowl selections in 2018, 86-57 L7Y
  • NFL Playoff games have stayed hot, driving my ALL-TIME record to an incredible 69-49
  • Top 5 Tickets went 11-5 last year

Let’s take you through a typical week with the Big E. After the full schedule of the upcoming week’s lines is released on Tuesday, The Big E releases his patented “Top 5 Ticket” on Wednesday by 3:00 PM CT. The Ticket targets FIVE NCAA and/or NFL plays that show early value for the week, each rated at .5 units. Already a tremendous value at $19.94, the best part is if those units don’t add up to positive results, you get that week’s Top Five Ticket ABSOLUTELY FREE!! You only pay if you win; the Big E wouldn’t have it any other way! For example, 2012 was a great year for consumers: The Ticket only won outright during 7 of 18 weeks yet yielded +units on the year! This means customers paid for only 7 weeks but profited by the end of the year……don’t let anyone tell you the Big E isn’t customer friendly!

In the TV-dominated world of “all football, all the time”, 10* Biggie plays can happen any day, but Thursdays and Fridays are when things really start to ramp up. Every week, at the VERY least, the Big E will have two 10* Biggie plays; one on the top NCAA play on Saturday and one on the top NFL play on Sunday. These plays are available individually for $9.94 and, again, these are GUARANTEED plays, so you only pay if I give you winners.

Clients should ALWAYS be on the lookout for Big E’s promotional Biggies….every month, there is a 15* NFL Game of the Month for $15.94. NCAA games that really stand out will bring a 20* Conference GOY for $20.94. Finally, the top NFL Preseason game, the top NFL Regular Season game, the top NFL Playoff game, the top NCAA Regular Season game and the top NCAA Bowl game of the year spawn 25* GOY PLAYS for $49.94!

Did someone say packages? The Big E’s got ’em….big ones, too! Catering to the casual or situational player, the B.E.S.T. will have weekly, monthly, and seasonal packages galore throughout the year! Just check out regularly to see what the Big E is cooking up at any given time.

Thank you, all, and good luck this season!