B.E.S.T. HOOPS – Full Court Full Season Package

$549.94 $199.94


Hello everyone and welcome to Week 15 in CBB, the final week of the regular season! We are ROARING into March with a 10-4 run including a HUGE 25* win with Arkansas last week! 20* CONF GOYs are on a HUGE 9-5 RUN over the last few weeks and are 26-17 over the last 2 years! Today, I am releasing my 20* Big West GOY as well as a 10* Biggie play for Friday’s CBB action!

Guys, we made it……MARCH IS HERE! Through strange times and even stranger scheduling, college hoops have been very profitable for us the last two seasons. An Oklahoma St. WINNER on Thursday pushed my record to 178-157/+38 since March of 2019! This week, we close out the regular season with the FINAL THREE 20* Conf GOYs (MAC on Tue, Big West on Fri, Big 10 on Sun) with 10* Biggie plays every day in a package for $69.94. Or, my March Madness Package will get you every play through April’s Championship Game for just $199.94!!

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Next updates:

CBB – 9am on Saturday with 10* Biggie

FB – August to kick off the NFL Preseason

Thanks, and good luck!


WELCOME to the 2020 College Hoops season!! Fingers crossed, we are able to get to March…..either way, the Big E will be with you every step of the way. This year marks my 15th season of handicapping College Hoops on Nelly’s Sportsline and I’m looking forward to seeing what this season holds. With March Madness taken away from us last year and the delayed start this year, it seems like college hoops has been away FOREVER! Last year, we were having a fantastic season, going 79-71 for +18 UNITS until things came to a screeching halt. I’m excited to navigate the challenging waters this year and keeping the momentum going! Keep in mind, what you read below is assuming we will have a full season…..given where things stand, that is a large assumption. Rest assured, I will absolutely adjust my packages and prices throughout the year if things change, just as we did at the end of last year. You, my clients, are the BEST and I will do everything I can to do right by you. Let’s have some fun!

This year’s season tips on Wednesday, November 25th and we will not look back! From that day until Championship Monday in April, the Big E will have at least one 10* play for college hoops EVERY DAY a game is played! Every single day, the B.E.S.T. will release a 10* Biggie play on the hottest play of the day, and, like my football packages, every month I’ll have a 15* Game of the Month!  I will also have 20* Conference Games of the Year scattered throughout the season along with my 25* Game of the Year designated for my very BEST play of the season!

As I mentioned last year, I’m moving to a more industry standard +/- EV unit-based scoring system as opposed to defaulting to a -110 juice for every play. The reality of the sports wagering world today is both lines and juice vary from state to state and book to book, so using a flat 10% is more inaccurate than not estimating juice at all. All of that said, rest assured, my “star method” won’t change. I’ll still (always) have my traditional 10, 15, 20, and 25* Biggies and lower Top 5 Ticket values. The change will be adding a real layer of value in association.

  • 10* Biggie = 1 UNIT
  • 15* GOM = 2 UNITS
  • 20* Conf GOY = 3 UNITS
  • 25* GOY = 5 UNITS

This allows players to define their own units….it could be $10, $100, or $1,000, depending on their bankroll, with the juice implied. A win on a 10* play is +1, a loss would be -1, etc. This allows us all to speak a common language with a common measurement of success. As always, questions and feedback always welcome!

Highlights from the last few years include:

  • 25* plays are on a 7-4 run since 2013, including winner on UCONN last year
  • 20* Conf GOYs went 15-7 last year
  • 20* AAC GOYs are on a 4-2 run
  • 20* ACC GOYs are on a 3-0 run and are 9-5 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Big Sky GOYs are on a 5-3 run
  • 20* Horizon GOYs are 9-4 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Ivy GOYs are on a 8-3 run
  • 20* MAAC GOYs are on a 6-1 run
  • 20* OVC GOYs are on a 5-1 run
  • 20* Summit GOYs are 6-3 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Sun Belt GOYs are 8-3 ALL-TIME
  • 15* November GOMs are on a 4-0 run

Let’s take you through a typical week with the Big E. In the TV-dominated world of “all sports, all the time”, 10* Biggies can and will happen any day! Every week, the Big E will have 10* Biggie plays every day there’s a game! These plays are available individually for $9.94 and again, these are GUARANTEED plays, so you only pay if I give you winners. Clients should ALWAYS be on the lookout for Big E’s promotional Biggies….every month, there is a 15* Game of the Month for $15.94. Games that really stand out can bring a 20* Conference GOY for $20.94. Finally, the top Regular Season and the top Post Season games of the year will spawn 25* GOY PLAYS for $49.94!


Starts with a 10* Biggie on November 25th and charges ahead, giving you access to EVERY college hoops selection through Championship Monday in April! This package includes:

  • EVERY Regular and Post Season 10* Biggie play
  • EVERY 15* GOM
  • EVERY 20* Conference GOY
  • 25* Regular Season GOY
  • 25* Post Season GOY

You’ve seen the results above….add them all together and this package is a MUST HAVE!!! In a typical year, this package includes ~200 plays. This year, it is hard to predict how many plays we will have, so it only seems fair to slash the price and hope we are all pleasantly surprised.