B.E.S.T. FOOTBALL – Complete NFL Playoffs Package (Jan 4-Feb 2)

$99.94 $49.94


My NFL Playoff Biggies have gone 13-8 the last 3 years and 62-43 ALL-TIME! Today, I’m releasing my 10* Biggie plays for the AFC and NFC Championship Games!

You can get my annual Super Bowl Prop Edition of the Top 5 Ticket the Thursday before the Super Bowl, as well as 10* Side and Total Biggies for the big game all as part of my Super Bowl Package for $49.94!

In college hoops, I’m now 3-0 on 20* Conf GOYs after Austin Peay DOMINATED as my OVC GOY on Thursday, moving my record to 20-11 for +12.5 units over 4 straight winning weeks! Conference seasons are in full swing and this week, I’ll have ONE MORE 20* Conf GOY coming up – from the MVC on Saturday – plus 10* Biggies every day as part of my weekly package. I also have a monthly package for January, or, for the best overall value, my Full Court Full Season Package gives you EVERY 10, 15, 20, and 25* Biggie play through Championship Monday in April for January’s reduced price of just $399.94!

You can call the office to get information and pricing details for any of my packages at 1-800-336-3559 or go online to

Look for the next update here around 3pm on Thursday, January 30th when I’ll be releasing my Super Bowl Prop Edition of the Top 5 Ticket!