*B.E.S.T. – Bowls & B-Ball Package




Back by popular demand, I’ve once again released my Big E Bowls & B-ball Package starting December 1st! For $249.94, you get EVERY Football play from Dec. 1st through the College Football Championship Game on Jan. 13th along with EVERY College B-ball play during that span in one convenient package! I’ve absolutely ROCKED the Bowl Season over the years with 25* Bowl GOY WINNERS in ’07, ’08, ’10, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16, ’17, AND last year’s winner for SIX STRAIGHT! Hoops plays during the Bowls and B-ball period have been consistently good over the long term, going 199-187 since 2008.

Last year, there were 32 hoops plays combined with 46 HUGE CFB and NFL plays during that stretch. At $249.94, that just $3.20/play for some of the biggest plays during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!