B.E.S.T. BASKETBALL – Monthly Package (January)



Hello everyone and welcome to the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs and Week 12 in College Hoops! Today is Wednesday, Jan 19 and I have a 10* Biggie for today’s CBB action.

FOOTBALL: I’m off to a 2-1 start in the playoffs with WINNERS on the LV/CIN under on Saturday and the 49ers on Sunday, extending my NFL run to 7-1 over the last few weeks! My season FB mark is now 120-89/+17.5 on the year and this week, I’ll be releasing my 25* NFL Playoffs GOY as well as 10* Biggies for the Divisional Round in this week’s package for $79.94. Or, for the best value for the rest of the season, my Full Pads Full Season package will give you EVERY remaining NFL plays, including my 25* NFL Playoffs GOY, from now through the Super Bowl at January’s REDUCED price of just $199.94!

BASKETBALL: WISC was a 10* WINNER on Tuesday and 20* CONF GOYs are off to a hot 4-2 start this season! I’m now 41-34 on the year and 243-216/+47 since 2/28/19! This week I have TWO MORE 20* plays (WAC on Thursday, Summit on Saturday) plus 10* Biggies EVERY DAY in a HUGE package for $69.94. I also have a monthly package for all of January for $179.94. Or, for the best value, my Full Court Full Season package gets you EVERY BB play from now through Championship Monday at January’s REDUCED price of just $399.94!

You can call the office to get information and pricing details for any of my packages at 1-800-336-3559 or go online to www.nellysports.com.

Next update:

FB – 3pm on Friday with 25* NFL Playoff GOY and 10* Biggies

BB – 3pm on Thursday with 20* WAC GOY and 10* Biggie

Thanks, and good luck!

BONUS: ML Dog of the Day – MISS ST +207 (CBB)


Hello everyone and WELCOME to the 2021 College Hoops season!! We’ve made it! While the pandemic continues to linger, major sports have figured out how to best manage it with minimal interruption. This year marks my 16th season of handicapping College Hoops on Nelly’s Sportsline and I’m so grateful and blessed to be able to be here for another year. Last year, we ended the season exactly even, which was a bit of a shame given my outstanding regular season. Regardless, my run in CBB is now up to 202-182/+34 UNITS since 2/28/19. I’m really proud to have successfully navigated shortened seasons and odd schedules and I’m REALLY excited for a season that appears headed down a “normal” path again! You all, my clients and friends, make the whole thing worth it. The Big 10 is loaded. Gonzaga is back. Coach K exits, stage left. Let’s get after it and have some fun this year!

This year’s season tips on Tuesday, November 9th and we will not look back! From that day until Championship Monday in April, the Big E will have at least one 10* play for college hoops EVERY DAY a game is played! Every single day, the B.E.S.T. will release a 10* Biggie play on the hottest play of the day, and, like my football packages, every month I’ll have a 15* Game of the Month!  I will also have 20* Conference Games of the Year scattered throughout the season along with my 25* Games of the Year designated for my very BEST regular season and Tournament plays of the season!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve moved to a more industry standard +/- EV unit-based scoring system as opposed to defaulting to a -110 juice for every play. The reality of the sports wagering world today is both lines and juice vary from state to state and book to book, so using a flat 10% is more inaccurate than not estimating juice at all. All of that said, rest assured, my “star method” won’t change. I’ll still (always) have my traditional 10, 15, 20, and 25* Biggies. The change will be adding a real layer of value in association. For example, a 10* play is a 1-unit bet for a player, a 15* play is a 2-unit bet, a 20* is a 3-unit bet, and a 25* GOY is a 5-unit play. This allows players to define their own units….it could be $10, $100, or $1,000, depending on their bankroll, with the juice implied. A win on a 10* play is +1, a loss would be -1, etc. This allows us all to speak a common language with a common measurement of success. As always, questions and feedback always welcome!

Highlights from the last few years include:

  • 25* plays are on a 8-5 run since 2013, including Reg Season winner on Arkansas last year
  • 20* Conf GOYs are 27-18 the last 2 years
  • 20* AAC GOYs are on a 5-2 run
  • 20* ACC GOYs are on a 3-1 run and are 9-6 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Big Sky GOYs are on a 6-3 run
  • 20* Horizon GOYs are 10-4 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Ivy GOYs are on a 8-3 run
  • 20* MAAC GOYs are on a 7-1 run
  • 20* OVC GOYs are on a 5-2 run
  • 20* Summit GOYs are 7-3 ALL-TIME
  • 20* Sun Belt GOYs are 8-4 ALL-TIME
  • 15* November GOMs are on a 4-0 run

Let’s take you through a typical week with the Big E. In the TV-dominated world of “all sports, all the time”, 10* Biggies can and will happen any day! Every week, the Big E will have 10* Biggie plays every day there’s a game! These plays are available individually for $9.94 and again, these are GUARANTEED plays, so you only pay if I give you a winner. Clients should ALWAYS be on the lookout for Big E’s promotional Biggies….every month, there is a 15* Game of the Month for $15.94. Games that really stand out can bring a 20* Conference GOY for $20.94. Finally, the top Regular Season and the top NCAA Tourney games of the year will spawn 25* GOY PLAYS for $49.94!

Did someone say packages? The Big E’s got ’em….big ones, too! Catering to the casual or situational player, the B.E.S.T. will have weekly, monthly, and seasonal packages galore throughout the year! Just check out www.nellysports.com regularly to see what the Big E is cooking up at any given time.

Thank you, all, and good luck this season!