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Our office can be reached toll-free via phone at 1-800-336-3559

The sports schedule does not follow conventional business hours as times of availability will vary greatly based on the schedule and season. Email can sometimes be a more timely method of reaching us – you can email us at

Our mailing address is:
Nelly’s Sportsline
PO BOX 6433
Madison, WI 53716-0433

NELLY’S FOOTBALL: Our football service features two main branches with a weekly newsletter (the Green Sheet) that is released on Mondays and offers analysis and an opinion on EVERY SINGLE GAME of the college and pro football seasons. We also offer a phone service that pares down the massive schedule into our top recommendations for the week with updates on the weeknight afternoons and generally a Friday afternoon update for the weekend. The newsletter is included with the phone service but they are considered separate entities. The newsletter selections are obviously rushed out the door to make a Monday mailing deadline while our phone service selections can incorporate a much more exhaustive handicapping process.

We currently rate our phone service selections 1, 2, and 3 stars. Most picks are 1 or 2 star selections with a fairly even split between those two ratings. Top Plays are rare with 3 star picks released generally about 10-12 times per football season. In a normal football schedule week we usually average about 8-12 picks per week with our phone service.

The Green Sheet features Key Selections on a Rating 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 system but those selections are not meant to be weighted wagering recommendations like the phone service selections.

Our Football Service has been in existence since the 1989-90 season with numerous winning seasons, accolades, contest championships, and top rankings at national monitors.


  • 2011 Wiseguys Contest Champion & Best Bet Champion
  • 2012 Wiseguys Best Bet Champion, 3rd Place Overall
  • 61% College Football Regular season in 2013-14
  • 2013-14 Vegas Insider Win Percentage Leader in BOTH NFL & NCAA Football
  • 63% NFL Season in 2015-16
  • 2015-16 #2 NFL Win Percentage at the Sports Watch Monitor (minimum 50 selections)
  • 75% in College Football 3* Top Plays in 2016-17
  • 2017 Wiseguys Last 4 Weeks Champion, 3rd Place Overall
  • 62% NFL Season in 2017-18
  • 2017-18 #3 NFL Win Percentage at the Sports Watch Monitor (minimum 50 selections)
  • 80% on 3* Top Plays in 2017-18 (college & pro combined)

2019 OUTLOOK: While our 2018-19 football season didn’t match our banner results in 2017-18 football when we had some of the absolute best returns nationally and a huge 80 percent top play record, we rallied late in the season for a third straight profitable NFL season and a fourth straight profitable college bowl season. We unfortunately had our first losing NFL playoff season since the 2013-14 season, though we are still riding a 61% NFL Playoff run the past five years. We now have an over 63% record in college bowl picks the past four years combined. We closed last season with a big 3* outright upset win on Texas in the Sugar Bowl but wound up with our first losing top play season in several years, though we are still riding a 14-7 run in college 3* picks since the 2015-16 bowl season.

NELLY’S BASKETBALL: Our Basketball service has posted historically great seasons the past two years in 2017-18 and 2018-19. We are extremely selective in the NBA regular season but posted an over 63% record in 2017-18 and an outlandish over 66% record in 2018-19 – a run that included separate 11-game and 14-game winning streaks. We’ve turned in even greater profits in college basketball the past two seasons finishing 85-54, +30.4* in 2017-18 and 82-60, +19.9* in 2018-19. All in all with the vast majority of our picks being 1* selections we’ve turned in more than 70* of profit the past two basketball seasons combined and huge returns in the past three NCAA Tournaments with a 34-18 record for over 65% including hitting over 72% the past three years in the Round of 64 games. We had huge returns in 2015-16 as well before an around break-even campaign in 2016-17 as the four-year numbers are staggering.

NELLY’S BASEBALL: Our Baseball Service is coming off four consecutive profitable winning seasons from 2015-2018!

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM: Nelly’s PHONE SERVICE finished +104.5* over the past two calendar years in 10 completed sports seasons from 2017 baseball through 2018-19 basketball with profits in nine of the past ten individual seasons (’17 MLB, ’17-’18 NFL, ’17-’18 NCAA FB, ’17-’18 NBA, ’17-18 NCAA BB, ’18 MLB, ’18-’19 NFL, ’18-’19 NCAA FB, ’18-’19 NBA, ’18-’19 NCAA BB) for a tremendous run of profits for our clients. Ask about our Annual monthly subscription!