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Monday MLB & NFL Action

Nelly’s turned in a profitable phone service weekend even with a tough finish to our Sunday with our final pick on the Patriots. We were 4-3 but went 3-0 in our three higher rated 7* picks.

We are 14-9 in October for steady gains (+24.7*) and the Green Sheet won both Rating 5 Keys last weekend.

We are 2-0 in the ALCS – check out tonight’s MLB selection, we are sitting out on MNF however.

Bobby Dalton has a 7star in MLB tonight for Game 3 in the ALCS – he went 55-30 in MLB 7stars in the regular season. Dalton won his Sunday Night 7star while his 10star yesterday was a win/loss/push depending on your timing.

Maximum Sports moved to 2-0 in 10* NFL PICKS this season with his Game of the Month win on Sunday!

Point Train cashed a big play on Saturday and had a win or a push on his top total for Sunday. Check out tonight’s MNF selection!

Big E won his 20* Saturday & 10* Sunday while turning in another profitable Top 5 Ticket!

Green Sheet Issue #15 will be out later this week – here is an early look at our 1-PAGE-STATS from last week.

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Nelly’s had a strong Saturday with two 7* wins for a winning 2/3 in college football while also moving to 2-0 in LCS picks in the MLB playoffs.

Check out Sunday’s NFL 2/3 – we’ve gone 3-0 in that package twice this season already and have a 60% season record in the NFL.

Point Train cashed a 6-unit play yesterday on Oklahoma State for a big win in the Big XII. Come back Sunday with a 6-unit total in the NFL. Point Train won their big NFL total last weekend and is 10-4-1 in the last 15 in the NFL!

Big E won his 20* on Saturday in the SEC – check out his next NFL Biggie play

Maximum Sports has a huge 10* selection for his Game of the Month in October – he won his 10* in September NFL action!

Bobby Dalton has a big FIVE GAME 60% offer Sunday including a pick for Sunday Night!

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Big Mid-October Saturday Football

Nelly’s smashed last week’s NCAA 2/3 with a winning result and we have already gone 3-0 FOUR TIMES in this year’s 2/3 offers in only 11 tries. Nelly’s is 11-6 in all football picks so far in October. Try our 2/3 for Saturday college football or join for the rest of the month!

Nelly’s won in MLB action last night as the playoffs continue. We have also hit 60% in the NFL this season.

Green Sheet Issue #14 went our earlier this week as well.

Point Train cashed a huge 10-unit play last weekend in the NFL and they have a 6-unit NCAA play for Saturday’s big schedule!

Get the pick guaranteed or as part of a 3-game or full weekend offer!

Point Train free pick – Oct 16th

If you like offenses this is the game for you. Ole’ Miss has the 2nd best offense in terms of total yardage per game at 561.6YPG while the Vols check in 18th (473.3YPG).  Mississippi is the 4th highest scoring team in college football at 46.2PPG, Tennessee is 7th at 41.5PPG. The difference here is defensively as the smallish Ole’Miss D-line has been dominated by opposing offenses allowing 193.6-Rushing Yards Per game (102nd) on 4.6-Yards Per Attempt (91st). The Volunteers offense is the 6th best rushing offense in college football at 252.8-Rush Yards Per game (6th) and 5.4-Yards Per Attempt (16th). With two relatively even offenses it’s clear to see that Tennessee rates decisively better defensively which will be the difference here. The Vols should be favored in this game, and we’ll bet them on the moneyline +110 to win outright.

Bet – Tennessee +110 on the Moneyline

Maximum Sports has hit 60% in college football this season – play Max’s Game of the Week or a Saturday 3-pack!

Big E’s next 20* is out for SEC action on Saturday – plus Biggie plays and the Top 5 Ticket (4-1 last week)

Bobby Dalton went 4-1 last Saturday and his next HIGH FIVE 60% offers is available for Saturday night! Dalton won his 7star Friday night to start the college week!

Dalton also has won 3 in a row in MLB!

FREE PICK SATURDAY #201 Rice +17.5 over UTSA 5 PM CT

Rice played an incredibly difficult non-conference schedule and the numbers wound up pretty ugly in a 0-3 start for the Owls. It is worth noting that the opener with Arkansas was a very close game despite the 21-point final margin but Rice was overmatched in all three of those games. The Owls have not been dominant in climbing back to 2-3 but they now play as a massive underdog in San Antonio looking to get to 2-0 in Conference USA. In a SEC venue vs. an emerging Arkansas program to open the season Rice was +19.5 in Week 1. Facing a top AAC contender in crosstown rival Houston Rice was +7.5 at home. After that loss Rice was +26 in Austin in an ugly loss to the Longhorns but this valuation on UTSA is difficult to reach relative to those programs. Yes, UTSA is 6-0 and has impressed but  all five FBS wins have come by less than this spread and four of six wins have come by one-score. That includes wins at Illinois and at Memphis but also includes a narrow home win over UNLV. Veteran quarterback Frank Harris has terrific numbers this season but UTSA has struggled to run the ball posting only 3.8 yards per rush and teams are keying in on top running back Sincere McCormick. UTSA was -21 vs. UNLV and the case for Rice being several points stronger is rather easy to make with the recent performances of the Owls and last year this was a very impressive defensive team and that should play out in the Conference USA numbers moving forward. Rice was a five-point favorite on the road in the last meeting between these teams two years ago in a narrow UTSA win and while Rice is looking for its first win in this series since 2014, UTSA has averaged fewer than 24 points per game in those five wins. Facing Memphis and Western Kentucky has greatly skewed the run defense numbers for the Roadrunners and Rice has the ability to slow this game down and provide sustained drives to compete in this contest with a far higher spread than would have been expected a few weeks ago with most projecting Rice to finish above UTSA in the C-USA West standings, something that is still quite realistic despite the first half numbers.

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Friday Football – 4 Game Schedule Tonight

Nelly’s won last night to start the football week – off to an 11-6 start in October football for our Phone Service!

2/3 offers will be coming soon for the weekend.

Bobby Dalton and Point Train have released picks for Friday’s college schedule – watch and win Friday!

Dalton is 8-4 in October college football picks!

Point Train is coming off a big NFL Week 5!

Big E went 4-1 in last week’s Top 5 Ticket – get this week’s Ticket for the weekend!

More Biggies are ahead plus a 20* in the SEC!

Maximum Sports is expecting a big NFL play this week – they are 1-0 in 10* selections!

Green Sheet Issue #14 was sent out on Wednesday!

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Thursday MLB & Football Offerings!

A huge NLDS Game 5 is lined up tonight between the Dodgers and Giants! Get tonight’s picks from Nelly’s and Bobby Dalton!

Dalton is also involved in tonight’s NFC clash to start Week 6:

Big E has released his Top 5 Ticket for the weekend (4-1 last week) and he has a NCAA Biggie for Thursday!

More football releases are coming Friday

Green Sheet Issue #14 was posted yesterday!

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Green Sheet Issue #14 ahead on Wednesday

Wednesday will be a rare quiet sports day with no football or baseball. The NHL has just started and the NBA is ahead later this week, Nelly’s will play the NBA this season but we’ll be quite selective the first few weeks. Dalton does not plan to start his NHL or NBA seasons until several weeks into the season.

Football returns on Thursday with NCAA & NFL games ahead as well as a GAME 5 in the ALDS. Check back tomorrow for options to start the football weekend.

Green Sheet Issue #14 will be released Wednesday afternoon.

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Monday ALL DAY MLB Action

FOUR Division Series games line up a huge baseball Monday!

The playoffs have provided some ups-and-downs but Nelly’s closed the regular season on a 10-3 MLB run while Bobby Dalton finished on a 12-3 run!

Get selections for day and night MLB with 2-game offers today!

A big AFC game is ahead Monday night to close Week 5

Bobby Dalton has released a 7star TOTAL for tonight coming off a 6-3-1 football weekend.

Keep posted for more potential releases later today:

Check out last week’s 1-PAGE STATS ahead of this week’s Green Sheet newsletter

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Nelly’s Top Play Wins – Great start to October!

Nelly’s delivered a winning Saturday in college football and moved to 2-0 in 9* Top Plays this season!

Check out our NFL 2/3 for Sunday – the picks in our 2/3 offers have gone 20-10 this season with four 3-0 sweeps, including last Sunday!

Point Train went 3-0 last Sunday and has been an excellent in over/under plays this season! Don’t miss his 10-unit NFL Total of the Year for Sunday’s Week 5 schedule – pay only after you win!

The Big E has won three consecutive 10* NFL Biggies – don’t miss his 10* today in one of the prominent games on the Week 5 schedule. Big E is expecting a MNF pick as well this week.

Maximum Sports as a three-pack of NFL selections for Sunday including a higher rated 5* Game of the Week.

Bobby Dalton had a big 4-1 football day including 7star and 10star wins on Saturday! He is 6-2 in football 10star picks this season!

Check out FIVE selections for Sunday coming later this morning!

Baseball action continues with possible playoff picks later today in the ALCS – Nelly’s finished the reg. season on a 10-3 run and Dalton closed the reg. season on a 12-3 run.

FREE PICK SUNDAY: Miami Dolphins +10 over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After a breakthrough 10-6 season in 2020, Miami has elevated expectations this season. Squeaking out a Week 1 win over New England on the road seemed to be a step in that direction but the Dolphins have now lost three straight games. After the disastrous home opener with Buffalo, the past two games have been competitive games, losing in overtime in Las Vegas while losing by 10 last week hosting Indianapolis. Jacoby Brissett is a veteran backup but the offense has been limited with Brissett throwing for only 583 yards over three games despite 119 attempts, averaging just 4.9 yards per attempt. Brissett has mostly avoided interceptions however and Tampa Bay has allowed the most passing yards in the NFL this season through four weeks. The Buccaneers are averaging only 1.8 sacks per game as well as so far, the defense has taken a significant step backward. Last week’s win at New England was an emotional affair and a fortunate result as the Buccaneers are 3-1 this season but with two wins coming by only two points each. The only lopsided win vs. Atlanta was a misleading result as Tampa Bay led by just three with 10 minutes remaining before a short-field score and two defensive touchdowns. Tampa Bay deserves to be considered the NFC favorites but right now the team is not playing like it. Injuries continue to deplete the roster as well with Rob Gronkowski ruled out again and four offensive linemen on the IR. Antoine Winfield and Jamel Dean are questionable in a secondary that already has three players on IR as the Buccaneers are likely to continue to struggle against the pass. In the Tom Brady era, the Buccaneers have been this big of a favorite just four times, going 2-2 ATS and all those games came against losing teams last season plus Atlanta early this season in a coaching transition and coming off a losing season. Miami should not be graded as a 1-3 team as this is still a middle-of-the-pack AFC team with a good chance to play itself into a wild card position. Miami is allowing just 6.8 yards per pass attempt and 5.5 yards per play this season as an above average defense and 1-3 teams priced as double-digit underdogs have covered at an 80 percent clip since 2009 in Game 5 as this is a desperate spot for Miami, and they catch Tampa Bay in a less than ideal roster and situational set-up.

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Saturday Top Play Ready to Go!

Nelly’s is 1-0 in top plays this season and we are coming off a 6-0 weekend last week including a 3-0 sweep in college football last Saturday!

Get today’s 9* Top Play – pay after you win – or get it as part of today’s 2/3 guarantee – $35 either way!

Nelly’s is on a 12-4 MLB run and we have our next NLDS pick Saturday.

We also have posted our NFL 2/3 coming off a 3-0 sweep last Sunday. We have had nine 2/3 offers this season and have gone 3-0 4X!

Bobby Dalton has a HIGH FIVE 3/5 offer for college football Saturday including a 10star and a 7star, while covering big games in the SEC and the Big Ten!

Point Train has a HUGE NFL PLAY coming this weekend with his 10-unit TOTAL of the YEAR coming off a 3-0 sweep last Sunday in the NFL, and a 1-0 start to Week 5 with a Thursday win!

Check out three college picks today including a higher rating 5-unit TOTAL for Saturday night in the Big Ten!

Get Maximum’s Game of the Week in college football for $19.95 or play three Bets for Saturday for only $29.95!

Maximum is 11-6 this season in college football!

Big E has his next 20* Conference GOY in the MAC this week – he started the week 2-0 with 10* wins on Thursday!


Memphis has fallen from 3-0 to just 3-2 with back-to-back 3-point losses. While the Tigers were fortunate in the big win over Mississippi State, they had tough breaks in blowing leads vs. UTSA and Temple the past two weeks. This is a second straight road game now facing a 1-4 Tulsa squad that was blown out at home hosting Houston last week. Tulsa had commendable performances in close losses to Oklahoma State and Ohio State but failing to complete games has been common in the Philip Montgomery era now just 32-44 since 2015 and 19-27 in AAC play. Tulsa has been patient with him, but any goodwill earned in last season’s 6-0 AAC season may already be gone. Memphis is allowing 36 points per game, but Tulsa may not be able to keep pace with the Tigers on offense as Memphis is a top 50 passing and rushing team posting nearly 38 points per game. Freshman quarterback Seth Henigan was a surprise to win the job this summer but he has delivered with 12 touchdowns and only one interception while averaging 9.3 yards per attempt. He is second to Tanner Mordecai in QB Rating in the AAC while Tulsa quarterback Davis Brin as at the other end of those rankings with eight interceptions and 14 sacks taken this season. The only win this season for Tulsa came at home vs. an Arkansas State, a team that has now lost five straight games and has allowed 111 points in two Sun Belt games. Tulsa struggled to pull away in that game and not having the scoreboard match the production numbers has been a common theme for this group, 92nd nationally in red zone scoring. Memphis is a dangerous team to support given the shaky defense and this team has tended to be involved in close games decided late. The Tigers look less likely to have a costly turnover in this game and getting points vs. a Tulsa program mired in a very disappointing season may provide a favorable opportunity worthy of a free pick level look.

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Hot October Start – Friday NCAA & MLB

Nelly’s closed the MLB regular season on a 10-3 run and we are perfect so far in the playoffs with back-to-back wins. Join us for a daytime TOTAL in MLB action today.

We also have a big football weekend ahead coming off last week’s 6-0 Saturday & Sunday! A possible pick Friday, plus a top play, and our 2/3 offers will be posted Friday evening for the weekend.

Nelly’s has had nine 2/3 offers this season and we’ve gone 3-0 in four of those packages with the picks 18-9 overall. We are also 1-0 in college top plays for the season.

Green Sheet Issue #13 is out for games Oct. 7-11. Key Selections went 8-4 in last week’s issue.

Bobby Dalton went 55-30 in MLB 7star picks this season and he has TWO 7star PICKS for MLB action Friday night in a Double 7 Package!

Dalton is also involved in tonight’s Pac-12 game, coming off winning three Pac-12 picks last Saturday!

Big E started the football weekend with 10* Biggie wins Thursday in BOTH NFL and NCAA action!

His Top 5 Ticket won last week and is available now for this weekend.

A 20* pick in the MAC is schedule for Saturday – look for that big play to get posted this afternoon!

Point Train is expecting to release his 10-unit NFL Total of the Year for Sunday’s Week 5 schedule!
Last Sunday Point Train went 3-0 in the NFL and Thursday Point Train added a winner with the Rams!

Maximum Sports is 11-6 in college football this season – don’t miss out on his next selections!