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Daytime MLB + NBA GAME 7

Great options Saturday from Nelly’s and Bobby Dalton featuring Daytime MLB action and a huge Game 7 in the NBA Playoffs tonight!

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Get a TRIPS-2-WIN 2/3 from Bobby Dalton for Friday covering picks in all three sports! Just $19 – he has gone 3-0 six times in this package already in June!

Nelly’s has MLB and NBA options lined up for Friday as well to kick off Father’s Day weekend.

Good Luck!

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NBA Game 5 Best Bets!

Bobby Dalton has a rare 10* Best Bet in the NBA Playoffs tonight – he is on a 16-8 NBA postseason run since May 26.

Nelly’s has a NBA rated pick tonight as well looking to build on a 62% regular season in pro hoops.

Dalton went 2-0 in baseball last night to make it a 20-8 run on the diamond since May 28!

A DAYTIME pick is posted for Wednesday!

Nelly’s has a LATE NIGHT pick on the diamond Wednesday night, coming off a 2-0 Monday!

Check out our NFL SCHEDULE PREVIEW in Green Sheet Issue #3!

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Baseball Sweep Monday!

Nelly’s had a 2-0 Monday on the diamond while Bobby Dalton cashed a healthy underdog to start the week!

Dalton is on an 18-6 baseball run since May 28!

Get a 7star in his 2-for offer tonight!

Dalton also has a NHL total for $10 or get it as part of a Trips-2-Win 2/3 offer!

Nelly’s Baseball is back with another side play looking to make it three in a row tonight – only $10!

Tonight’s NBA game looks to difficult with a massive line swing and key injuries for Brooklyn, the status isn’t clear enough to dive in. Expect NBA back with possible picks for Wednesday.

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Monday NBA & MLB Offers

Bobby Dalton won a 7star in the NBA last night – now riding a 16-6 playoff run since May 26!

Join him for a NBA PLAYOFF Side & Total offer tonight including a 7star!

Big Dog Baseball is 17-6 since May 28 – check out Monday’s selection or sign up for the Trips-2-Win 2/3 offer. Dalton has won 9 2/3 offers in June going 3-0 5 times!

Nelly’s Baseball has had a back-and-forth run with a slight profit the past two weeks after hitting a few underdogs. We’ll look to start the new week strong with a 2-for-1 offer on the diamond!

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Sunday NBA – NHL – MLB

Bobby Dalton has won 9 of 12 Trips-2-Win offers in June – going 3-0 five times!

Join Dalton for picks in each sport Sunday with Playoff action in the NBA and NHL and another MLB pick looking to build on a huge 17-5 run since May 28, including a 4-0 streak the past two days!

Start your day with a MLB pick for EARLY action from Nelly’s – pay after you win!

Don’t miss GREEN SHEET ISSUE #3 and our NFL schedule report.

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5-0 FRIDAY as HOT June continues!

Nelly’s and Bobby Dalton combined for a 5-0 Friday night sweeping NBA and MLB updates!

Bobby Dalton has gone 3-0 FIVE TIMES in his daily Trips-2-Win offers in June, winning 8 of 11 packages overall.

Dalton has two MLB picks for DAYTIME baseball Saturday riding a 15-5 run since May 28

Dalton also has tonight’s NBA pick for Game 3 action with a 13-4 mark in the NBA since May 28!

Nelly’s is 3-1 in our last four MLB picks with a pair of underdog wins. Check out tonight’s Showcase Winner on the diamond!

Are you ready for FOOTBALL – our third Green Sheet issue with a look at the 2021 NFL schedule was sent out last week!

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Dalton NBA/MLB Trips Offer

Dalton is on a 13-5 MLB run and a 9-3 NBA run – get three picks covering MLB and NBA action tonight in a 2/3 offer for only $19! Dalton has gone 3-0 in this package four times so far in June already!

The NHL is off for a few days as the conference finals are set.

Nelly’s sent out GREEN SHEET ISSUE #3 this week – sign up for the season subscription now!

We’ve hit 2 of our last 3 in MLB – get a Friday night NL pick for $15!

We hit 62% in the NBA regular season and expect another NBA playoff selection in the coming days.

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MLB Best Bet Tonight

Bobby Dalton has a MLB 10star BEST BET for Thursday night $17 pay after you win!

Dalton is on a 12-5 MLB run and is 18-8-1 and 18-9 overall in June in MLB/NBA/NHL picks.

His daily Trips-2-Win offers have gone 2-1 or better six times in nine days in June with four 3-0 results!

Get the 10star tonight or get it as part of a Trips-2-Win 2/3 for $23. Dalton is on a 7-1 run in NHL totals and has been red hot in the NBA, winning last night and going 7-1-1 or 7-2 in June picks.

Nelly’s Baseball has turned in back-to-back AL winners including a +130 dog hitting last night.
Get an AL Contender Clash for Thursday for $15.

We may be involved in one of the NBA games tonight to build on our strong season returns.

GREEN SHEET ISSUE #3 was sent out this week!

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MLB/NBA/NHL Winners Wednesday

Bobby Dalton had another winning TRIPS-2-WIN offer on Tuesday – play with the Big Dog for his three games for Wednesday for just $19 – 2/3 guaranteed. The package has gone 3-0 four times in the past eight days!

Nelly’s and Bobby Dalton were both winners in MLB action last night – play again Wednesday!

Green Sheet Issue #3 should be out shortly!