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Sunday NFL Spotlight

Two more teams will punch their tickets to the Conference Championships on Sunday.

With a 2-0 day Saturday Bobby Dalton is 6-0 in Divisional Picks the past two seasons – don’t miss his AFC and NFC offers for Sunday!

Point Train has won four straight Top Games and is on a huge late season NFL run at 7-1. Don’t miss his 7-unit Playoff Game of the Year today!

Nelly’s football went 3-0 in wild card picks and our two picks for this weekend both go today as we look to build on a 12-3 phone service run. We also are 6-1 this week in college basketball (and yesterday’s free pick also won)!

Big E was a 10* winner yesterday in the NFL, his next Biggie goes today plus he has a great offer in college hoops!

Maximum won his 15* yesterday and he expects a possible 10* next week!

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Huge Sports Saturday

The NFL Playoffs are in center stage of a big Saturday with a full slate in college basketball as well as NBA and NHL action!

The wild card round was a success for many of our handicappers with the Big E winning his 25* and Maximum hitting his 10*. Nelly’s went 3-0 as did Point Train in wild card picks.

Point Train has a huge play this weekend in the NFL, riding a 4-0 run in top plays!

Maximum is ready to make it a 4-0 run on big plays after 10* and 15* bowl wins and a 10* NFL winner last week!

Nelly’s has a pair of picks for NFL action this weekend riding a 12-3 run in our last 15 phone service picks. We are also 4-0 the past four days in college basketball and have a 2/3 offer for Saturday!

Bobby Dalton has you covered for NFL, College Basketball, and Ice Hockey with Saturday opportunities including a NFL Best Bet!

The Big E has his next 20* in college basketball plus NCAA & NFL Biggies!

Free Pick Saturday #766 Miami +4 over Louisville 6:00 PM CT

Miami is just 1-5 in ACC play and enters this game off an ugly loss at Boson College. Three ACC losses vs. top 35 teams have come by two or one point however as this is a team that could still make some noise. Miami has played one of the toughest ACC schedules so far and the offensive numbers have suffered but Louisville looks out of place on top of the conference standings. Three of four wins for the Cardinals have been against the bottom of the conference while the only high-end win came by two points at home vs. Virginia Tech. The Cardinals struggle with turnovers and this is one of the youngest teams in the conference as some inconsistency should be expected. Louisville is 4-1 vs. top 80 foes but is -21 in scoring in those games while the program last won at Miami in 2015.

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Green Sheet Delivers in the Wild Card Round

Issue #25 of the Green Sheet was a terrific one as we nearly swept our wild card picks going 5-1 on sides and 1-0 in totals. We also pegged Alabama to deliver over Ohio State. Don’t miss out on our next issue for the Divisional Round games Saturday & Sunday, now riding a 51-30 run on sides and a 19-8 run on totals the past seven + seasons. Our college bowl season ended with a winner and a 15-4 run in our final 19 bowl side recommendations!

Nelly’s phone service mirrored the newsletter with a 4-0 weekend last week going 3-0 in the NFL and closing a 77.8% bowl season with a winner on Monday. Don’t miss our divisional selections with our phone service 12-3 in our last 15 picks. We closed the college season with a 62.5% record in our recommendations for great results despite the unique challenges of 2020.

Basketball has been our most successful endeavor in recent years with three straight huge seasons netting over 100* of profit. Consider joining Nelly’s in basketball with daily updates through the NBA Finals. We’ve had three consecutive NBA regular seasons hitting at least 63% in the NBA while also turning in a profit in college basketball as well.

Bobby Dalton is featuring regular updates including posting a 7-star in Pac-12 action for Thursday night. Dalton will also be featuring NHL selections as well after having some success in the playoffs last summer. He closed the NFL regular season on 27-12 run the final seven weeks and went 4-0 with two 10* wins in the divisional round last season!

The Big E is posting daily 10* picks in college basketball and a couple of 20* picks are coming up this week in the MAAC and MWC! His track record in 20* picks is excellent and he is coming off a 25* NFL Playoff winner last weekend as well!

Point Train has hit four straight 6-unit top plays and went 3-0 in the wild card games last weekend. Join Point Train this weekend for his strongest NFL pick of the playoffs with a 7-unit NFL Playoff Game of the Year!

MAXIMUM SPORTS hit with a 10* on the Colts last weekend and went 2-0 in 10* and 15* picks in the college bowl season for a hot run the past two weeks. His 15* Playoff Game of the Year is coming up this weekend!

Don’t forget to check out Green Sheet Issue #26 and check back this Saturday for a free pick in basketball!

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CFP Title Game Monday

After an exciting wild card weekend there is a huge football game Monday night to close the college season. Rated picks are available from Bobby Dalton and the Big E for tonight’s big football game.

We also have basketball action from Nelly’s, Big E, and Bobby Dalton Monday as well.

Nelly’s is coming off a 3-0 wild card weekend with our phone picks while Green Sheet selections went 6-1 in the NFL wild card games! Don’t miss our divisional picks next weekend.

We have also turned in three consecutive over 63% NBA regular seasons and are off to a positive start in 2020-21 including hitting an outright underdog in the NBA on Sunday. Check out tonight’s NBA Knockout:

The Big E closed the college season on a terrific run in his Biggie picks and he has cashed two huge 25* picks already in January with his 25* Bowl Game of the Year and 25* NFL Playoff Game of the Year winning! Don’t miss daily Biggies in college basketball plus he has 10* side & total plays Monday night!

The Big Dog Bobby Dalton has picks for the CFP Title Game and TV Basketball for Monday – don’t miss out on a big start to the week with the Big Dog!

Point Train swept his wild card picks for a 7-0-1 NFL run and is now on a 4-0 run in 6-unit top plays – a big divisional pick is expected next weekend:

Maximum Sports delivered a 10* winner on Saturday for his biggest playoff game to add to several big play wins down the stretch in the football season!

Check out daily updates and selections from Nelly’s and our featured handicappers in 2021!

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NFL Wild Card Weekend

The first 6-game NFL Wild Card weekend is upon us and we have some big games ahead!

Nelly’s is in the midst of a 75% bowl season while going 4-1 the past two NFL Sundays! We won our first playoff pick on Saturday and we have two more picks for Sunday!

Big E will be looking to backup recent NCAA and Bowl 25* Game of the Year wins with a 25* in the NFL Playoffs this weekend.

Maximum won 10* and 15* picks in the bowl season and he delivered a 10* winner on Saturday – don’t miss another 5* Sunday!

Bobby Dalton looks to build on a huge 27-12 NFL run the past seven weeks with wild card action!

Point Train went 2-0 in Week 17 and has hit three straight 6-unit Top Plays!

Nelly’s Green Sheet Issue #25 is out with newsletter picks on a 14-4 bowl run since December 26 heading into the CFP Final!

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Big Hoops Schedule Wednesday

Check out great offers from Nelly’s, Bobby Dalton and the Big E in basketball today!

Big E has his first 20* Conference Game of the Year today while Bobby Dalton has a 7* in major conference action!

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NFL Week 17 – Big Bowl Games Win

NFL Week 17 is Sunday at it will be a wild day with 12 of the 16 games impacting the playoff teams and matchups. Check out great offers from Nelly’s and our featured handicappers. Nelly’s went 2-0 last Sunday in the NFL (+ 2-0 yesterday) as we’ve had an excellent 75% bowl season as well. We have a NFL 2/3 Sunday with two higher rated 2* selections.

The Bowl season featured a lot of success. Nelly’s went 2-0 on our two highest rated bowl picks while all the Bowl Game of the Year picks came in with Maximum winning 15* and 10* picks, Point Train cashing his 6-unit Bowl Total, Bobby Dalton delivering in his 15*, and the Big E cashing in his 25* Bowl Game of the Year as it was a fantastic New Year’s Weekend of big game wins!

Check out a 6-unit Top Play from Point Train Sunday and also get a bonus pick! Point Train has won back-to-back 6-unit picks including a blowout last Sunday in the NFL covering by more than three touchdowns. Point Train had a perfect weekend in bowls!

Win again Sunday in the NFL with a three-pack from Maximum Sports:

Big E has his next 10* NFL Biggie for only $9.94! Big E is also featuring daily 10* Biggie plays in college basketball as well.

Don’t miss Bobby Dalton’s Sunday NFL picks coming Sunday morning with a huge 23-10 6-week run in NFL picks! Dalton has early and late Trips-2-Win offers!

Green Sheet Issue #25 will be out on Wednesday for the huge 6-game wild card schedule! We’ll plan to post a free pick from Issue #24 Sunday morning.

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Happy New Year 2021

A great slate of New Year’s Day Bowl action is ahead – check out picks from Nelly’s and our featured handicapper for a big football weekend.

Nelly’s is 4-1 in bowl picks including 2-0 in 2* selections – now riding an 18-6 run in college football since early November while hitting 80% in bowl picks!

Our next bowl pick goes today to start off a NCAA 2/3 offer for Friday and Saturday and we expect to have a NFL 2/3 offer for Week 17 as well released Friday for Sunday’s games. Nelly’s Basketball is also off to a steady start to the season as well!

The Big Dog Bobby Dalton cashed in his 15* Bowl Game of the Year on Thursday for another big win. Dalton has historically had great success on New Year’s Day and three picks are posted for bowl action Friday. 10*, 7* and 5* picks are in a Trips-2-Win offer or join for the Rose Bowl Best Bet!

Dalton is also on a scorching 23-10 run in the last six weeks of the NFL – don’t miss his Sunday’s Week 17 card!

The Big E Sports Ticket is on an 11-3 college football Biggie run and he owns a tremendous big play record, winning his 25* College Game of the Year earlier this season and hitting six of his last seven 25* Bowl Game of the Year picks. His biggest bowl pick goes Friday – pay after you win for $49.94!

Point Train is coming off a NFL top play last weekend that covered by three touchdowns. His strongest bowl release is in the biggest game of the day with a 6-unit Bowl Total Game of the Year for the Sugar Bowl as Clemson and Ohio State face off in the week’s most anticipated game. Pay after you win with a huge play from Point Train!

Maximum Sports cashed his 10* on Thursday and he has three plays to cover the New Year’s Day Bowl schedule day and night – win with Maximum in his three-game package and check back for a possible 15* on Saturday!

Green Sheet Issue #24 was posted this week as well featuring the remaining bowl games and all of NFL Week 17!

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Big Bowl Opportunities

We are in the peak of the bowl season and some big plays are ahead with four straight days of bowl action through January 2 before NFL Week 17 takes over on Sunday. Check out this week’s Green Sheet #24 for coverage of all the games Dec. 31-Jan. 3.

Nelly’s is up to 60% on our college phone service picks with a 75% start in bowl action. We won our only 2* so far with an underdog winning outright and our next 2* pick goes on New Year’s Eve. We’ll likely have a 2/3 offer for Friday/Saturday bowl action and also a NFL 2/3 offer, having gone 2-0 last Sunday.

We have also had a positive start to the basketball season coming off three consecutive seasons of massive gains with a net profit of more than 100* the past three years in basketball. Join us for all picks through January 31 for just $149!

Bobby Dalton has been on a huge run in the NFL with a 23-10 run the past six weeks. Don’t miss out on his Week 17 card this Sunday. Dalton has also been profitable in early bowl action and has dominated on New Year’s Eve historically. His 15* Bowl Game of the Year is out for Thursday plus he also has a 7* in daytime action. Don’t miss out on more winners from the Big Dog.

The Big E is on a scorching 11-3 run in college football Biggies and his biggest pick is ahead with his 25* Bowl Game of the Year this week. He has won this pick six of the past seven years and he won his 25* College Game of the Year earlier this season. Play with the Big E for daily Biggies, his 25* Bowl Game of the Year, of the entire bowl week! Big E is also featuring daily basketball Biggies as well!

Maximum has a pair of picks for Wednesday bowl action looking to build on a steady long term track record the past 12 years at 124-105 in bowls. Maximum has posted a big 10* Bowl pick for Thursday’s schedule!

Point Train expects a big bowl pick this weekend as well. Point Train swept the board Sunday including a 6-unit Top Play blowout winner Sunday night with the Packers. Don’t miss another big game winner with a ticket on the Point Train.

Look for daily updates for football and basketball in a crazy sports schedule the next few days to close 2020.

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Free Pick Sunday

NFL Week 16 features a big Sunday schedule with several notable playoff scenarios.

Big E has a 15* Game of the Month today while Bobby Dalton has lined up FIVE selections in a High Five 3/5 offer.

Trios are available from Point Train and Maximum, while Nelly’s has a 2-for-1 offer Sunday.

Don’t miss basketball opportunities with Nelly’s starting our NBA season 1-0 yesterday while Big E and Bobby Dalton have been off to steady starts in college action.

FREE PICK SUNDAY #473 Atlanta Falcons +11 over Kansas City Chiefs 12:00 PM CT

The Chiefs have won nine in a row but it was another unconvincing final score last week. That was a tough matchup in New Orleans and a fourth road game in the past five games. This home game might provide a better opportunity with the Falcons pouring a lot into last week’s home date with Tampa Bay, only to find a familiar fate. Atlanta is 4-10 but +2 in net scoring this season. Three of the past four Atlanta losses and five losses this season have come vs. elite teams and the Falcons have allowed just 21 points per game over the past four road games. The Chiefs have struggled to pull away from losing teams in the past two home games with single-score wins in now six consecutive games on the 9-0 run since Week 6. The Chiefs have not technically clinched the #1 seed in the AFC yet but the scenarios that would need to align have such a low probability that there is not going to be any urgency to push things this week. For Atlanta in a lost season this is an opportunity to face the champions and this squad has had several commendable showings vs. top teams this season and the numbers and personnel of a much better team than its record.