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Sunday NFL Week 16

Bobby Dalton went 2-0 in Saturday NFL picks with a pair of 7star wins! Get a 10star and a 7star for Sunday’s NFL schedule as Week 16 continues. His 3/5 60% guarantee offer is available now!

Maximum Sports is 10-0 in NFL 10* picks this season! He did miss last Tuesday’s 15* but had a 10* winner last Sunday for 10 consecutive 10* wins in pro football. Don’t miss a 10* TOTAL for Week 16 – pay after you win!

Big E has NFL Biggie picks for Saturday & Sunday – just $9.94 each!

Point Train has had six straight winning weeks in football – check out the next Point Train release(s):

Nelly’s has our next NFL 2/3 offer for Sunday including a higher rated 7* selection – $25 2/3!

We’ll be ready to resume our hot college basketball run by Tuesday after the holiday break in the schedule!