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Bowl Season is Underway!

Bowl Action starts on Friday with the Bahamas Bowl – picks are available for tonight’s Cure Bowl as well!

Nelly’s has our first two bowl picks posted for Saturday’s schedule (77.7% in 2020-21 bowls).

We also will have our next NFL (17-9 run) and Basketball offers (3-0 last Saturday) out later today!

The Big E had a big week last week with a 5-0 Top 5 Ticket plus a 15* NFL Winner!

He has bowl and NFL Biggies posted for the weekend with plus the next Top 5 Ticket!

Big E has also turned in five straight winning weeks in his daily Basketball biggies!

Maximum Sports is expecting to release his 15* NFL Total of the Year for NFL Week 15!

Point Train has a bowl picks for Friday night to start his postseason riding five straight winning weeks in football!

Bobby Dalton also has his first BOWL picks for Friday night as well!

Green Sheet Keys have had a winning record in six of the past seven issues!