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Bobby Dalton is 8-3 in MNF this season

Bobby Dalton is 34-21 in November Football picks, posting winning days Thursday, Friday, and Saturday last weekend before setback on Sunday. His NFL Prime Time results have been excellent this season including an 8-3 record on Monday Night Football!

Get his TOTAL for Monday night’s NFC game to close a big November with the Big Dog!

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Nelly’s Green Sheet had a 4-1 Week 12 in NFL Key Selections with only a Rating 1 miss, delivering a fifth consecutive Green Sheet issue with a winning record in our Keys!

Check out the Thanksgiving Weekend 1-PAGE-STATS in an early look at Championship Week Issue #21 which will be out on Wednesday!

Maximum Sports moved to 7-0 in NFL 10* picks with another big win on Sunday, don’t miss his next selections!

Basketball is underway with Nelly’s turning in a 3-0 Sunday in hoops picks. Big E has had three winning weeks in a row to start the season!