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Bobby Dalton 13-0 NFL PRIME TIME RUN

Dalton is 15-6 in November NFL picks and he is on a 6-1 run in 7star NFL picks. Dalton is incredibly on a 13-0 run in his PRIME TIME NFL picks Thursday Nights, Sunday Nights, and Monday Nights, including a 5-0 run in MNF!

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Big E expects a 10* Biggie tonight in the NFL and in college basketball. His 25* unfortunately came up short on Sunday. He had a great college basketball week last week and is 9-5 on the season. The Top 5 Ticket has won eight weeks in a row with the picks 37-22 this season! Don’t miss this week’s holiday week ticket later in the week!

Maximum Sports and Point Train swept their big plays Saturday & Sunday – keep posted for holiday week updates!

Nelly’s had a disappointing football weekend, burned by turnovers in a few close game misses.

The Green Sheet Keys went 7-5 for a fourth straight winning record but our top keys both lost last week to end our 5-0 college run.

Green Sheet Issue #20 will be out on Wednesday.