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Nelly’s is 4-0 in the ALCS and we have a pick for Game 6 tonight.

We also have a football release for our seasonal clients in college football and will be releasing our NCAA 2/3 later today. Nelly’s is 14-9 +24.7* so far in October including going 3-1 last week in college football and 3-0 last weekend in higher rated 7* selections.

Consider joining for the next two weeks to wrap up October for only $99, including the Green Sheet. Issue #15 was posted this week with Rating 5 Keys going 2-0 last week.

Bobby Dalton has gone 11-7 in October college football including 4-1 in 7star picks, winning a 7star last Friday. He has a 7star TOTAL for one of tonight’s LATE games in college football to start the weekend.

Big E has won his Top 5 Ticket three straight weeks including going 4-1 last weekend. He won last week’s SEC 20* and is on a 7-1 run in NFL releases. A 20* in the Mountain West is ahead this weekend while a rare 15* in the NFL is expected for Week 7. The Ticket is available now, the Biggies will be posted Friday afternoon.

Point Train and Maximum expect to have football releases Friday as well. Point Train won a big college play last Saturday and Maximum moved to 2-0 in NFL 10* picks last Sunday!