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Monday MLB & NFL Action

Nelly’s turned in a profitable phone service weekend even with a tough finish to our Sunday with our final pick on the Patriots. We were 4-3 but went 3-0 in our three higher rated 7* picks.

We are 14-9 in October for steady gains (+24.7*) and the Green Sheet won both Rating 5 Keys last weekend.

We are 2-0 in the ALCS – check out tonight’s MLB selection, we are sitting out on MNF however.

Bobby Dalton has a 7star in MLB tonight for Game 3 in the ALCS – he went 55-30 in MLB 7stars in the regular season. Dalton won his Sunday Night 7star while his 10star yesterday was a win/loss/push depending on your timing.

Maximum Sports moved to 2-0 in 10* NFL PICKS this season with his Game of the Month win on Sunday!

Point Train cashed a big play on Saturday and had a win or a push on his top total for Sunday. Check out tonight’s MNF selection!

Big E won his 20* Saturday & 10* Sunday while turning in another profitable Top 5 Ticket!

Green Sheet Issue #15 will be out later this week – here is an early look at our 1-PAGE-STATS from last week.