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Memphis has fallen from 3-0 to just 3-2 with back-to-back 3-point losses. While the Tigers were fortunate in the big win over Mississippi State, they had tough breaks in blowing leads vs. UTSA and Temple the past two weeks. This is a second straight road game now facing a 1-4 Tulsa squad that was blown out at home hosting Houston last week. Tulsa had commendable performances in close losses to Oklahoma State and Ohio State but failing to complete games has been common in the Philip Montgomery era now just 32-44 since 2015 and 19-27 in AAC play. Tulsa has been patient with him, but any goodwill earned in last season’s 6-0 AAC season may already be gone. Memphis is allowing 36 points per game, but Tulsa may not be able to keep pace with the Tigers on offense as Memphis is a top 50 passing and rushing team posting nearly 38 points per game. Freshman quarterback Seth Henigan was a surprise to win the job this summer but he has delivered with 12 touchdowns and only one interception while averaging 9.3 yards per attempt. He is second to Tanner Mordecai in QB Rating in the AAC while Tulsa quarterback Davis Brin as at the other end of those rankings with eight interceptions and 14 sacks taken this season. The only win this season for Tulsa came at home vs. an Arkansas State, a team that has now lost five straight games and has allowed 111 points in two Sun Belt games. Tulsa struggled to pull away in that game and not having the scoreboard match the production numbers has been a common theme for this group, 92nd nationally in red zone scoring. Memphis is a dangerous team to support given the shaky defense and this team has tended to be involved in close games decided late. The Tigers look less likely to have a costly turnover in this game and getting points vs. a Tulsa program mired in a very disappointing season may provide a favorable opportunity worthy of a free pick level look.