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Saturday College Football Winners

Check out great offers for Saturday’s college football schedule! Bobby Dalton won a 7star last night and he has a 7star and a 10star in today’s HIGH FIVE 60% 3/5 offer starting EARLY TODAY.

Maximum Sports is 10-4 in college football this season – try his guaranteed weekend package for $50!

Big E won his Pac-12 20* Conference GOY last week in a huge 45-27 result from an underdog! Get Saturday’s Big XII Conference GOY today!

Nelly’s turned in a profit in September and we hit our college top play last Saturday – get 2/3 for Saturday or Sunday!

Nelly’s is also on a hot 9-2 MLB run!

Point Train has a TOTAL top play for evening college football Saturday – check out that big pick or the whole weekend!

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