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Nelly’s Top Play Wins Saturday – Perfect in NFL Week 2 – Big E Pac-12 20* wins BIG!

Nelly’s delivered in our September Game of the Month with a winner in our first 9* play of the season as Arkansas defeated Texas A&M as an underdog! We did go just 1-2 in our 2/3 offer for a 2-2 Saturday, making it a 13-6 run for all football picks. We have our NFL 2/3 available for NFL Week 3 for $25 with winning results in our 2/3 offers in both Week 1 (2-1) and Week 2 (3-0). We are riding five consecutive NFL wins after a 4-0 Week 2 and a winner on Thursday night to start Week 3!

Check out yesterday’s 1-PAGE STATS from the upcoming Green Sheet:

Big E has his first NFL 15* pick of the season coming off a 3-0 record in NFL Week 2 with a Biggie winner and two NFL wins in the Top 5 Ticket last week. Get his NFL Game of the Month for $15.94 for Sunday! On Saturday Big E turned in a blowout winner in his Pac-12 GOY as Oregon State beat USC 45-27!

Maximum Sports is 12-8 in all football picks this season with a 2-1 day on Saturday despite missing in his 5*. His first NFL 10* of the season is available for Sunday.

Point Train went 4-1 in NFL Week 2 and has a 3-Pack of picks for NFL Sunday Week 3! This includes a top total for Sunday night!

Bobby Dalton will have NFL updates Sunday AM – He won his 10star on Saturday with Baylor and is 4-1 in his last 5 NFL picks!

Dalton had another 7star winner in MLB yesterday for a 9-1 run and a 53-30 record on the season in 7star picks.