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Friday NFL & MLB + College Football Saturday

Bobby Dalton won his Trips-2-Win offer yesterday, moving to 24-11 in August!

Nelly’s MLB is 5-2 so far this week after a Thursday split where both of our sides posted 7 runs!

Check out MLB offers for Friday night from Dalton & Nelly’s to continue strong late August runs.

Nelly’s has posted our 2021 Preseason AnnualCLICK HERE to view it. It is not too late to sign up for the football season with seven issues of the Green Sheet available including coverage of Week 3 preseason action and our first NCAA predictions of the season for this weekend.

Nelly’s will have our first phone service release later today – note that our rating system has changed for 2021 – see the Annual for more details.

The Big E is 6-1 in NFL Preseason picks so far in 2021 and his 25* Preseason Game of the Year is expected to be released by Friday night. Join the Big E to add to his big start to the football season. He has won his NFL preseason 25* selection four straight years while going 16-6 in all 25* Football picks the past five years.

Point Train has also posted a TOTAL for college action on Saturday to start the season!