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Huge Hockey Saturday

Bobby Dalton has two NHL offers Saturday for a big day on the ice. His 20-13 10* record is on the line this afternoon with an early start Best Bet included in a daytime pairing for $19.

He also has a trio of selections for the later games on the schedule. Dalton should also have MLB offerings later today as well.

A layup in the final seconds halted our 6-0 run in the NBA but we still own a tremendous record in pro hoops this season and for the past four seasons combined. Saturday’s smaller slate didn’t present a rated pick opportunity but there is a possible play ahead for Sunday.

Nelly’s MLB has hit two of our last three and we have a Late Night TOTAL on the schedule Saturday night!

We hit 61% in MLB Totals in the 2020 season.

The NFL draft is just around the corner – look for football content coming soon with our first off-season Green Sheet likely in early May. Sign up now if you haven’t already coming off a great 2020-21 football season.