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Six Straight Winning Weeks!

Nelly’s Basketball turned in a 2-0 Sunday for our sixth consecutive winning week in basketball! We are on a 37-17 run in college basketball since Jan. 12 and overall in the month of February we are 25-11 in college and pro picks combined for a huge month heading into the final week of February.

Check out our consistent gains over six straight winning weeks:

Jan. 11-Jan. 17 OVERALL 8-3, +4.7* (NCAA 7-1, NBA 1-2)

Jan. 18-24 OVERALL 6-5, +0.5* (NCAA 5-3, NBA 1-2)

Jan. 25-31 OVERALL 6-5 +0.5* (NCAA 5-5, NBA 1-0)

Feb. 1-7 OVERALL 9-4, +4.6* (NCAA 7-2, NBA 2-2)

Feb. 8-14 OVERALL 8-3 +4.7* (NCAA 7-2, NBA 1-1)

Feb. 15-21 OVERALL 8-4 +3.6* (NCAA 6-4, NBA 2-0)

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Bobby Dalton had a 10* winner on the ice Sunday and hit his college basketball pick on Sunday! He has a pair of hockey picks for Monday night and he is heating up in basketball as March Madness approaches with a 9-3 run in college basketball.

Daily Biggies and a few upcoming big plays are ahead for the Big E, winning his Big Ten play on Sunday. A possible 25* make-up is in the works after many pushed on his big game two weeks ago.

Take advantage of early bird pricing in football for the Green Sheet or Nelly’s Phone Service. We had an amazing finish to the football season with great bowl and NFL playoff results. The lowest possible prices are only available for three more weeks.