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Nelly’s 22-8 in Feb – Big E 20* Friday

Join the Big E for his next 20* Conference GOY – tonight in the SUN BELT. He has won SEVEN of his last EIGHT 20* selections including a winner Wednesday night in the MVC. Tonight’s Sun Belt 20* is available now for $20.94!

Nelly’s won again last night to move to 22-8 since February 1 in basketball picks. We are 34-14 in college picks since Jan. 12. We’ve won seven of our last nine 2/3 offers with offers with those picks going 20-7. Our next 2/3 will be Saturday but we do have a college pick Friday for only $15!

Bobby Dalton has 7* picks in NHL and NCAA Hoops action Friday night including an $11 offer!

Dalton is expecting a huge 15* play in HOCKEY on Saturday – his only other 15* of the season was an ‘over’ pick that was a winner in the 1st period with 8 goals in the 1st in an eventual 8-5 result! Don’t miss another big win tomorrow!