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Big E 15* Thursday – Nelly’s 3-0 last night!

It was another great basketball night on Wednesday as the Big E made it a 7-1 run in 20* Conference GOY picks with a winner in the Missouri Valley. His next 20* goes tomorrow but he has another big play tonight with a 15* Game of the Month selection for only $15.94!

Nelly’s Basketball swept the board in our 2/3 for our fourth 3-0 result in our last nine 2/3 offers. We’ve gone at least 2-1 in seven of those offers with a combined record of 20-7 in those nine 2/3 offers. Our current basketball run is at 21-8 since February 1 while in college we are 33-14 since Jan. 12, adding to our great historical success in the month of February!

Bobby Dalton was also a winner in Big Ten basketball last night and he has a 2-game offer for $18 Thursday!

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