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$10 Big Dog Offers – BEST 20* + Nelly’s 2/3

Bobby Dalton picked up a college basketball winner last night, riding a 5-2 run the past six days in college hoops. Join him for a $10 Big Ten pick on the Wednesday night schedule. Dalton also has a 10* NHL offering tonight as well for a big Wednesday night a great price.

The Big E has won six of his last seven 20* picks and his next 20* Conference Game of the Year is ahead Wednesday!

Don’t miss out on the next big win from the B.E.S.T. for $20.94!

Nelly’s has gone 18-8 so far in February and we are on a 31-14 college run since Jan. 12. We’ve hit 6 of our last 8 2/3 offers with those picks going 17-7, posting three 3-0 results. Get 2/3 tonight in basketball from Nelly’s for $25!

Don’t miss out on the best prices available for the 2021-22 football season with our current early bird offers: