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Happy New Year 2021

A great slate of New Year’s Day Bowl action is ahead – check out picks from Nelly’s and our featured handicapper for a big football weekend.

Nelly’s is 4-1 in bowl picks including 2-0 in 2* selections – now riding an 18-6 run in college football since early November while hitting 80% in bowl picks!

Our next bowl pick goes today to start off a NCAA 2/3 offer for Friday and Saturday and we expect to have a NFL 2/3 offer for Week 17 as well released Friday for Sunday’s games. Nelly’s Basketball is also off to a steady start to the season as well!

The Big Dog Bobby Dalton cashed in his 15* Bowl Game of the Year on Thursday for another big win. Dalton has historically had great success on New Year’s Day and three picks are posted for bowl action Friday. 10*, 7* and 5* picks are in a Trips-2-Win offer or join for the Rose Bowl Best Bet!

Dalton is also on a scorching 23-10 run in the last six weeks of the NFL – don’t miss his Sunday’s Week 17 card!

The Big E Sports Ticket is on an 11-3 college football Biggie run and he owns a tremendous big play record, winning his 25* College Game of the Year earlier this season and hitting six of his last seven 25* Bowl Game of the Year picks. His biggest bowl pick goes Friday – pay after you win for $49.94!

Point Train is coming off a NFL top play last weekend that covered by three touchdowns. His strongest bowl release is in the biggest game of the day with a 6-unit Bowl Total Game of the Year for the Sugar Bowl as Clemson and Ohio State face off in the week’s most anticipated game. Pay after you win with a huge play from Point Train!

Maximum Sports cashed his 10* on Thursday and he has three plays to cover the New Year’s Day Bowl schedule day and night – win with Maximum in his three-game package and check back for a possible 15* on Saturday!

Green Sheet Issue #24 was posted this week as well featuring the remaining bowl games and all of NFL Week 17!