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Christmas Day Offerings

The Christmas Day schedule is a busy one this year with NFL, Bowl, NCAA, and NBA action. Bobby Dalton has picks out early for Friday including a bowl Best Bet looking to add to a strong start to the postseason while building on a great recent NFL run, going 18-8 the past 5 weeks in NFL action!

Big E has Biggie plays for NFL, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball Friday as well – just $9.94 each! Big E enters the bowl season on a 9-1 run in College Football Biggie plays!

Nelly’s has turned in back-to-back winning weeks in basketball and we have a pick for Friday’s daytime schedule. We also have our first bowl 2* lined up for Saturday, after completing a nearly 60% regular season including a 14-5 run heading into the bowls.

Point Train has also released bowl & NFL picks for Friday as well – with a 3-game package including two Christmas Day picks!

Check out all offers from Nelly’s and our handicappers and don’t miss Green Sheet Issue #23 – Rating 4 and 5 Keys went 3-0 last week!