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Monday All-In Opportunity

The Big Dog Bobby Dalton is on a 24-14 MLB run since Sep. 1, he’s won 66.7% of his football selections, and he is coming off a 2-0 NHL night to close the conference Finals.

Win in a unique all-sport ALL-IN Monday Opportunity with picks in NFL, NHL, and MLB action – including two 10* Best Bets! Get all three picks for $25 in a special offer from the Big Dog Bobby Dalton!

Nelly’s is 7-2 in rated picks and 10-2 overall in football recommendations so far – don’t miss our next possible selections next week. Nelly’s does have a baseball Profit Machine pick for Monday coming off a Sunday winner and a 20-12 run on the diamond since mid-August.

Maximum Sports has posted a huge start to the NFL season at 8-3, including 4-0 in higher rated 5* picks. Don’t miss his MNF selection for Saints/Raiders for $20!

Green Sheet Issue #10 will be sent out by Wednesday afternoon – Rating 5 & 4 Keys are 2-0 this season!