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NBA & MLB Back on the Schedule!

The MLB has finally ended its debates and is set to start the 2020 season July 23. Nelly’s ended the 2019 season on a roll with a big September and postseason run and we’ll be ready to go for opening day. Join us for the entire season for only $199!

The NBA is also set for an 8-game regular season finish and then the postseason starting July 30.

Nelly’s has had three absolutely huge NBA regular seasons in a row, hitting just over 63% in 2017-18, just over 66% in 2018-19, and we were riding a 62.9% record including a 10-1 run before Covid-19 shut down the 2019-20 season. We’ll be well prepared for the resumption of the regular season and the playoff schedule in Orlando expected to span from late July through the Finals in late October (we went 4-1 in the NBA Finals last season).

Join us for the complete remainder of the season for only $199 for nearly three months of action!

For the most action and the best deal we are offering BOTH the MLB & NBA subscriptions together for just $329 in our Super Combo Sub package – a limited time offer!