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NBA Returns July 31

The NBA has announced that it will resume at the end of July with a brief conclusion to the regular season and then the full NBA playoffs, with a potential play-in twist for added intrigue. We’ll have some content out in the coming weeks looking ahead at some of the potential matchups.

Nelly’s has had three absolutely huge NBA regular seasons in a row, hitting just over 63% in 2017-18, just over 66% in 2018-19, and we were riding a 62.9% record including a 10-1 run before Covid-19 shut down the 2019-20 season. We’ll be well prepared for the resumption of the regular season and the playoff schedule in Orlando expected to span from late July through the Finals in late October (we went 4-1 in the NBA Finals last season).

Join us for the entire duration, likely featuring around three months of daily updates for just $199. We’ll take an additional $50 off if you sign up by July 4!