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NFL 2020 Travel

This week’s Issue #3 of the Green Sheet newsletter will be all about the 2020 NFL schedule which was released in early May.

One aspect we always like to consider is the travel mileage for each team. While this total can be overstated at times, it is useful when comparing teams and the wear they could accumulate at certain points in the season.

This 2020 NFL Travel Chart doesn’t provide a perfect picture as often teams are able to combine back-to-back road games and airport mileage isn’t always precise, but it does give you a snapshot of which teams have the most time in the air ahead and which teams could have more potential disruptions to their week-to-week plans.

Football is looking more and more likely this fall and the 2020 Green Sheet subscription will cover the entire campaign from now through the Super Bowl in the NFL and college football. Don’t miss this week’s NFL schedule issue and all past and future issues this season!